Hello! I'M zkTube.

the first Layer 2 mining network that provides extra security and privacy.

zkTube is adopting ZK-Rollup to provide enhanced scalability, low gas fees, and higher transaction throughput for Ethereum.

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In 2016, the first Zero-Knowledge Proof blockchain project Zcash was born.

The next generation of energy efficient cryptocurrency mining

Token Distribution

  • 330,000,000

    Maximum Supply

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  • Q1 2021 zkTube Protocol Development

    Optimize the PLONK algorithm and release White Paper

  • Q2 2021 zkTube Testnet Beta Launched

    50,000+ users participated in the testnet and the number of nodes has exceeded 10,000+

  • Q3 2021 zkTube Mainnet Launch

    Upgrade testnet mining with innovative mining mode and release PayTube wallet

  • Q4 2021 zkTube Ecological Application Expansion

    Supports NFT & Layer 2 Swap

    Coming soon
  • 2022 Upcoming Breakthroughs

    Coming soon