zkTube 2.0 "Merging Layer2, Web3 & AI for the future of Metaverse.

History: Convergence leads to new era

With a firm belief in the transformative power of convergence, zkTube paves the way forward by embracing the seamless integration of Blockchain, Web3, and AI technologies. As history has shown, this convergence leads to new eras of innovation and progress, and zkTube stands at the forefront of this evolution, poised to shape the landscape of tomorrow.



Convergence of: TCP/IP, Data Networking, PC, Client/Server model.


Smart Phone

Convergence of: Cell Wireless, Internet Connectivity, Cameras, GPS, Computing Power.


Web1. 2. 3.

The blend of Web1, Web2, and Web3 creates a united digital realm with limitless potential.

our milestones & roadmap

2021 – 2022 Major Achievements

Q2 2022: Network Back-End Testing and Code Open-Sourcing.

Q4 2022: Focusing on user-friendly experience and robust security.


Q2 2023: To implement AI-driven optimizations for zkTube’s consensus mechanism.

Q4 2023: Launching blockchain game platform based on zkTube Layer2 solution to enhance interoperability and expand the ecosystem.

Q2 2024: Establish strategic partnerships with key players in the North American blockchain and tech ecosystem, marking the beginning of its business expansion in the region.

Q4 2024: Establishment of partnerships with leading projects in the NFT space, bringing unique digital assets to the zkTube ecosystem.

End of 2025: zkTube solidifies its position as a leading Layer2 solution, achieving widespread adoption across industries and geographies.

Our Technical Principle

zkTube uses Layer 2 ZK-Rollups to provide low transaction fees and high throughput transactions.
A Type 1 (Ethereum-equivalent) ZK-EVM aims for maximum compatibility. This results in a seamless developer experience.
EVM Equivalencye
zkTube Platform values transparency and is working to build its platform openly and incollaboration with the ecosystem.

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